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Is This The Most Luxurious Cat Enclosure in Tasmania?

Move over Grand Designs!

Ian and Kristina have built this fantastic cat enclosure for their cats. In 2015 they decided they needed a cat enclosure when they sadly lost their cat Snowball in a car accident. While most of their other cats were indoor-only already, they had two roaming cats that they decided to move indoors for their own safety. But these two cats were finding it difficult to adjust to a fully indoor lifestyle, and the idea for a cat enclosure was born.

Ian has done the entire build himself and has kept it in keeping with the Federation style of their house. The adventure starts with a cat ladder inside the house that leads to a tunnel connecting the house to the enclosure. The opening to the tunnel has a small door so Ian and Kristina can close it when it gets too cold outside.

The enclosure is 3.5m x 5.5m. Over the years Ian has added ladders, shelfs and hammocks and was even considering adding a small drinking fountain, but they were afraid snakes might be attracted to the water. Instead, they decided to have a water bowl on a pedestal, which is working really well.

A special feature of the enclosure is the presence of a solar panel. This allows them to put heated cat beds in the enclosure. What a luxury! Who is not secretly envious of Ian and Kristina’s cats at the moment?

Every year they come up with new ideas for additions to the enclosure. They are currently exploring designs for cubby-type sleeping arrangements on the back wall and are even thinking about extending the enclosure with a fenced-in free-range area.

Thanks Ian and Kristina for sharing this beautiful enclosure with us.

If you have a great cat enclosure design and would like to share it on TassieCat send us a private message.


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