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5 Reasons To Love Our Tasmanian Cat Management Facilities

Cat management facilities play a vital role in our community. Not only is the work they do selfless and often goes unrecognised, but they are also continuously reuniting cats with owners, rehoming cats or litters of kittens, providing a safe & loving shelter to those cats without a home, and working tirelessly to educate our community on responsible cat ownership.

We believe these organisations and their people, who work tirelessly day in, day out, deserve some praise! These facilities are voluntary, not-for-profit organisations that rely on the generosity of the community and their volunteers. They have to cover significant costs for the desexing, microchipping, vaccinating, worming, feeding, and housing of the thousands of cats and kittens that come into their care every year.

Luckily for us, we have 3 great cat management facilities in Tasmania, this includes RSPCA Tasmania, Just Cats Tasmania, and Ten Lives. Below are some reasons why it’s great to thank and support these three facilities.

Reunited With Loved Ones

Cat being petted - TassieCat

Everyday cats are lost or accidentally escape their confines. The cat management facilities play a vital role in reuniting lost cats with their owners. Of course, having your cat microchipped makes this job a lot easier for our facilities. Reuniting a cat with their owner is the absolute best outcome for these facilities, and there’s no better feeling than knowing a pet is going home with their family, safe & sound again. If you haven’t microchipped your cat yet, we would suggest making this a priority in 2021, we never realise just how important it is until we lose our cats!

Creating Best Friends For A Lifetime

Cat being petted - TassieCat

Thousands of lifelong best friends have been established through affordable adoption options offered by the Tasmanian cat management facilities. Sadly, not all cats who are lost are reunited with their original owners, some cat owners have unwanted litters of kittens, and some circumstances require people to surrender their cat. The facilities work hard to care for these cats without a home, while also working just as hard to find them a new home suited to their personality and needs.

When you adopt a cat, you’re not only giving a cat a place to call home, but you also support our community by not encouraging uncontrolled cat breeding which increases the number of unwanted or stray cats within our communities. Cats and kittens adopted from cat management facilities come already desexed, microchipped, wormed and vaccinated.

There aren’t many places you can visit and leave with a lifetime supply of unconditional love, but the Tasmanian cat management facilities certainly do an amazing job at finding the right cat for you and your family.

Giving Us A Place To Learn & Grow

Kitten playing with toys - TassieCat

You would think they are busy enough caring for cats, but the Tasmanian cat management facilities don’t stop there.

Through educational programs for children & adults, volunteering opportunities, spreading the message across social media, and running campaigns to encourage responsible cat ownership, these facilities are helping to create awareness around an important issue we can all play a part in supporting.

The more we are educated, the better equipped we will be to help cats and support our community. At TassieCat, we are passionate advocates for responsible cat ownership in Tasmania, and the cat management facilities do an incredible job to help spread the message by educating our community.

Improving Cat Health

Cat curled up - TassieCat

The cat management facilities play an important role in improving the overall health of cats in Tasmania by providing excellent veterinary care for cats in the facilities and referring new pet owners to private clinics for ongoing health care.

By vaccinating all cats in house and educating new cat owners on their responsibilities, the facilities are actively helping to keep cats safe from unnecessary disease and supporting our community by reducing the presence of cat-borne diseases in our state.

Reducing The Number of Unwanted Cats

Cat being petted - TassieCat

The cat management facilities are helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats or litters of kittens through their consistent effort to desex cats prior to adoption.

These facilities will often run desexing programs, making it more financially viable for Tasmanians to desex their cats. Thanks to the incredible work of these facilities, more and more cats are being desexed in Tasmania and fewer litters of unwanted kittens are being born.

Cat in a window - TassieCat

Of course, there are no doubt dozens of more reasons to love our Tasmanian cat management facilities, this is just the tip of the ‘tail’! These facilities play a vital role in keeping our cats and communities safe, educating the public, and providing important resources for the management of cats.

To make sure these facilities are able to help our communities and keep our cats safe & healthy, they require support from all of us in Tasmania, allowing them to continue to shelter, reunite, adopt, educate, and improve Tasmanian cat health. You can support any or all of these cat management facilities by making a donation to their facility or volunteering. Remember to head over and ‘like’ their social media accounts to support them as well, every little bit counts!

Visit their websites to learn more about what they do specifically by clicking on the links below!

And of course, remember to follow TassieCat on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with all our cat owner tips and how to be the best cat owner in your community!


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